Abby Made This - Hazy IPA (Hawkers x Sea Legs Brewing Co)

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Same but different. The Sea Legs Brewing Co and Hawkers Beer collaboration IPAs are nearly identical when it comes to hop bills. While Hamish and Jon's personal taste is borderline anti-hazy (resulting in 'THIS - Not Hazy'), a slight malt and yeast adjustment by Abby, Sea Legs assistant brewer, resulted in a less boozey, more hazy 'Abby Made This - Hazy IPA'. Both brews feature high quality ingredients from Cryer Malt.

Abby Made This - Hazy IPA

Pearl malt, caramel steam, oats - Sabro, Cashmere, Loral. Coconut, oak & tropical fruit on the nose, juicy and full mouthfeel with a nice bitterness. It's a haze-craze, just how Sea Legs assistant brewer Abby likes it.

6.0% ABV

These are part of our Limited Edition range - each can is 440ml. Hazy IPA is 2.1 standards per 440ml can. Available from the 4th April 2020.